Xiomara Castro leading the race to become president of Honduras

Viernes 29 de Marzo de 2013 19:55

According to the results of an opinion poll published today by CID Gallup Company, the candidate of the Liberty and Refoundation Party leads the voting intentions in the country with 25 percent, followed by Juan Orlando Hernandez, candidate of the actual Government’s Party, with 23 percent.

The survey conducted in the first half of January contains an extensive analysis of the sectors and public issues that would influence over the voting intentions of the Hondurans; it reveals that the most highly educated sectors, more of 37 percent, would support the candidate of the Libre Party.

Likewise, the less educated sectors, such as those with lower incomes would support Juan Orlando Hernandez, National Party candidate (ruling), which promotes the illusion of development with assistance-measures in the lower strata of society.

“… The Nationalists continue to opt to” buy “the misery so they can win elections in Honduras, but because of the new conditions of consciousness in the majority of the population, the vote goes to Xiomara Castro, who gives no state money but builds along popular organizations a political participation project” said the leader Gilberto Rios when interviewed by this means.

The critical economic situation is aggravated by a security crisis that shows the loss of control by the state. 20 homicides are daily recorded which position Honduras as the country with the highest rate of violence worldwide.

The National Party, expressing ultraconservative sectors, is aiming to rule four more years, and this is the worst government in the democratic history of the country, however, according to the survey of CID Gallup, Honduras would be ready to give a dramatic shift in its political life.

Fuente : http://resistenciahonduras.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=5508:xiomara-castro-leading-the-race-to-become-president-of-honduras-&catid=101:news&Itemid=349


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